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ANC Café's sustainable food sourcing philosophy

We cannot have a truly peaceful society if we are actively contributing to hunger, cruelty, and the destruction of the environment.

All Nations Café supports food sourced from farms and small producers that embrace regenerative land use practices.  We seek to sidestep the high carbon footprint of a globalized food supply by focusing on locally produced & in-season foods in our menu design.   We are actively attracting our target demographic, people who care about change.

Some important findings from our research:

"cutting out beef and dairy (by substituting chicken, eggs, fish or plant-based food) has a much larger impact than eliminating chicken or fish." - [1]

"The unrelenting expansion of commodity production into the forests of South America – notably of cattle and soya linked to the global meat industry – is a key driver of the climate, nature and health crises we are facing...." "Meat – or more specifically, ‘industrial meat’ – is bad for the planet." - [2]

Wikipedia cites the following metrics in evaluating the impacts of our food choices:




[1] March 04, 2021 "If the world adopted a plant-based diet we would reduce global agricultural land use from 4 to 1 billion hectares" by Hannah Ritchie