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Creative writing

A few writing resources and exercies to that may be helpful creative writing workshops..

Free-writing of stream of conscioness writing "..involves writing your thoughts down the moment they come. There’s no filtering what you write, and no controlling what you think: topicality, style, and continuity are wholly unnecessary in the freewriting process. While the idea of freewriting seems easy, it’s much harder than you think".  [1] 

"Writing is a significant literacy activity in modern life that enables individuals to accomplish a variety of per-sonal, intellectual, occupational, and recreational goals. It has been demonstrated, across a variety of investigations, that writing activities yield a number of intellectual, physiological, and emotional benefits to individuals. These benefits include improve memory function, decreased symptoms, and greater feelings of happiness." [3]

Pennbauer's approach, where "the instructor would give a brief overview of themain ideas of the week’s readings and lectures and then instruct the stu-dents to write continuously for ten minutes about their “deepest thoughtsand feelings about the topic”.  Effectively turned the experience of  a dry writing class into an engaging discussion, rooted in the students' lives.

The short free-writing exervices have been showing to help in various ways. 1) the habituation response,whereby confronting a fear or a painful memory habituates one to it andthus robs it of its power; 2) the fact that naming an emotion or a traumalegitimizes it—that is, if there is a word for it, it is something society hasrecognized and hence the sufferer is not alone; 3) the fact that the act of writ-ing objectifies the trauma and makes one regard it from different perspec-tives, in effect helping one to resolve it; and 4) the fact that constructing anarrative about an event is a way of finding coherence and meaning in it. [5]


Writing and healing

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