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Meditation for ANC Cafe.

"Intimate listening, spiritual openness and family-like celebration draw people of all nations to come together every week and bring their feelings, ideas and longings." - All Nations Cafe

The job of meditation is to bring the parasympathetic and the sympathetic aspects of our autonomic nervous systems into balance.
"When we need to heal, meditation helps to bring the parasympathetic aspect to the forefront, so good thoughts, calmness, and our body's own healing chemistry can take over." [1]

According to Dr. Carol Penn, there are three types of medication: Expressive, Concentrative, and Mindful.

[1] "Meditation in a Time of Madness - A Guidebook for Talented Tweens, Teens, and their parents and guardians who need to Thrive. 2019 - Purposely Created Publishing Group