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Renewble Energy

Workshop at All Nations Cafe


The following video are support of our developing renewable energy workhop format.

Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems

"..this is the most basic solar set up you can do to power and charge personal gadgets using an off grid solar power system. It is very easy to set up and diy! Anyone, even one without any electrical experience, can easily set this up in their rooms or office! "

00:00 - Intro 00:04 - 3 Things To Consider 00:17 - 4 Basic Components 00:32 - Solar Charge Controller 01:35 - Sealed Lead Acid Battery 02:00 - 500 Watt Power Inverter 02:47 - 50 Watt Solar Panel 03:07 - Summary of How The System Works 03:30 - How To Set Up The Solar Power System 05:27 - How To Operate The Solar Power System 05:51 - Testing - Charging Gadgets 06:23 - Testing - Electric Fan 06:45 - Summary


Useful review comparing the performance of lead acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries, and the relative performance of each. Essentially, lead acid batteries are useful for short burts of high current (ie. starting a combustion engine), while lithium ion batteries are ideal for low power use over extended periods of time.

Women Lead Solar Initiatives


Energent Hydrogen Economy


Rural Solar Electification Microgrids